Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween day 2009

Hey - its a maze of hay.
Logan or Charlie Brown?

Liams fave new ride..
is there a way to pimp it?

And a red wagon too?

Nothing says fall like a radio flyer wagon..

A little haunted house for you..
May I eat your brains?

Finding the way out of the maze.

Ahoy Maty!

Is that you again Charlie Brown/Dalton :)

Daddy - can you build this in the backyard?


The only thing he will sit still for..
Why does that sticker say no children allowed to ride on these?
Stupid rules..
are made to be broken....
Happy Halloween

Sock monkey for the day.

Happy Halloweenie

Ready for candy action.
Lets do it.

80's Barbie...
What the h*** are raisins doing in here?
The lion visits Dorothy & Toto.
Football player & Barbie
Go Tech!
John Deere - I mean Logan & Liam the Lion
Basketball playin' Lion
b-4 whiskers

Halloween.. Past & Present

Who says Halloween costumes are only worn once?
Each of our boys have been the lion for their 2nd Halloween!
This year was Liams turn!

Liam 2009 - 18mths
Dalton 2001 - 15mths

Logan 1996 - 15mths
(wow! those Nana made costumes really last..) :)

Anyone up for some Gatorade?

i am soooooo thirsty..

Pumpkin Patch!

Silly Boy Pumpkins aren't for throwing.
Or are they?

Catch him if you can...

Pick out a great one!
Big Brothers!
The Fab Four!
It's his size!

Ahoy Mateys

This is the best Mama & Lala can git
of me pirate skull cap..
Use yer deadlights if you wanna
be gettin a better picture of
me-self mateys.
They must be a might of landlubbers,
Next time bring me a grog of milk
and maybe me will make a smile for ye.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Got Gruene?

Sunday afternoon trip to Gruene.
I think I bore the kids to death sometimes with my new "things".

Right now its pottery. I love it!

Like Liams "look" - boots & manpris?
I do - so if you don't- keep it shut :)

Super cool butterfly garden in the middle of town!
Ever seen Night at the Roxbury?
"Whats up?"
We have to do this in the backyard.
This was GOING to be our Christmas picture.
Then Liam ran away..
Liam & "Coach Lasater"
The hollow log.
While I may not record
event of our lives
(there are quiet a few)
I do try to get down some
that we have pictures of
if I miss something whoopsie..
I must be busy with the following:
making breakfast,
making lunch,
making dinner,
doing the dishes,
helping with homework,
doing 4 loads of laundry per day
(keep in mind we do use cloth diapers),
driving kids around,
doing sit-ups,
keeping up with my soaps,
changing diapers,
brushing/feeding/cleaning up after the dogs & cat,
making lists (I love lists)
on the computer,
re-arranging the furniture,
at a football game,
or maybe even
Each and every little thing we do in our lives are important.
I just can't record all of them.
That goes without saying.. :)

Can you say tile?

Have you ever heard of tile"tenting"
- yeah, us neither -
until we woke up a few weeks ago to a 6" hill in our kitchen..
At any rate
we ripped it up & had a small mess
for the good part of this month.
After Jason spent the last few weeks
over getting the tile out w/o breaking it
we realized that sanding off the glue
from the bottoms of the tiles was simply
NOT happening..
Um.. no..
they do not sell the same tiles
as we put in around 13 years ago..
Anyways, thanks to Ryan
for teaching us how to
lay tile & grout over the weekend.
A really awesome thing to know how to do &
we so appreciate you
giving up your weekend
to put our house back together.
(or as together as our house can be with us living in it)