Sunday, June 28, 2009

Six Flags

This weekend was full of hot fun. A weekend trip to Six Flags & to visit friends was just what I needed.. (to get away from the daily rat race of home life ya'll - you know, wakin' up early, playing with my toys, swimming, and evening walks).. Anyways, Six Flags is a lot of fun! And whoever tells you "have baby can't travel" is a lame storyteller. I loved the 100 + degree weather. There is plenty of shade trees & lots of fun misters to play in. But I was a little sweaty I will admit. We also took a drive over to the new Cowboys stadium. Apparently its a pretty big deal!

After that we went to visit my favorite uncle - Fisher.. and Kenda & Nick too.. The house is lots of fun, specially the steps, rocks, and lamp.. hehe... Lets not 4get the dogs pool that I was able to use to keep my paci clean.. Good times & always good food! There is always fun to be had when Fisher is around. Someday I will kick his bumdoodle in darts!

The car ride was great cuz I am a good boy with great entertainers! Now for some rest...

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Zoo...

Another trip to the zoo this morning. It was blazing HOT! But it was good. I saw a mama & her baby monkey, fishies (of course), a GIANT turtle, and snakes. I also hung out with the goats & I got to pet them. They were very nice. I wish they had sheep cuz I wanna thank them for their wool.. :) Anyways, I played in the sand & threw some at Ashton & Dalton. Not many things are more fun than running away from everyone at the zoo!!

Summer Swimmin' 2009

Come on & let the good times roll. Cold water, hot sun, and duckies to throw.. Summer is fun!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its been a while..

So since I last posted a note I have learned to wreak havoc on anything in my path. I can throw pretty far & my aim seems to be dead on. I can walk unassisted and I can almost run. I got a cool water table for outside - don't dare to be aorund me when I am playing in it unless you like to be soaked! I like to help myself in the fridge (sure do like those powdered sugar donuts). I also like to take sips of water out of a little cup. I am a flirt. I love everyone.. well.. almost.. (no offense to you if I don't like you very much and you are reading this - it was probably just a bad day).. - for you.. hahahahahah... I like my brothers to push me around on my ride on toys. The faster the better. I can take off any "child-proof" lock invented. I am loud, noisy, and oh so funny..