Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week!

A week of football, food & family!

A New Kitty -
brought to us by our friend Larry,
who used to live across the street from us!

Playing with the big boys!

Liam & Dalton - keeping the ball in our yard!

Nice catch!

Who to throw to next?

Our little quarterback...

Always has a ball of some kind!
Family Photo-op
New Kitty, unnamed at this time..

Thanksgiving, Us, Nana, & Grammy Dolly

4 Generations of Girls! (& Liam)

Mama & Lala

Sweet Baby in his Thanksgiving Outfit (by Mommy)

Dalton on Grandpas Harley

Logan.. wishful thinking on the Harley!!

My Baby is too little to ride... :)

After leftovers, Mama & Dalton

Logan & Mama
Grammy Dolly & Grandpa!

Jenny & Grammy Dolly
Wow! Height skipped a few generations. lol

Love. true hold you by the neck love..
Sweet Boy & Kitty..

He had enough of fine art & outdoors..

The McNay Art Institute

Running for a hug!
Yeah! Got it!

Sweet Baby by the tree -
take a pic while you can
he doesn't hold still for long!
Pretty Girl!
In the midst of all boys!

Why was the security guard looking
out the window? Did he think Logan
was going to pick
this up and take it home?
Cute Boy!
I had my wedding portrait done in this exact spot!

Standing tall in the rocks!
Wow - they all got tall this year!
The calm b4 the storm...
The Lasaters have arrived... lol
New Kitty.
Liam is a fan of all animals -
he wakes up in the morning asking
about dogs and cats!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Freshman Football & Logan

My sweet kid is so fierce on the field...
Here are some shots of Logan from the last
Churchill Freshman Game
against Lee.

It was a great game & we won (so even better)

No players have more passion than this group of young men!
We are so very proud to have a son
so dedicated to something good that he loves doing.
A true work ethic is a powerful force.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Umbrella Practice

Where are you at 8am in the morning?
On a good day we are outside in the dew covered grass exploring. Being outside is pretty great for Liam!
He can pretty much do anything
which is exactly what he likes to do!

He recently found the love of umbrellas.
Worried he will break it - don't - its not yours so who cares.

Worried he will poke out your eyes?
Don't be - you are probably not around
when he is playing with it anyways.

Worried he will take it in the house open & it will cause bad luck?
Well, he will take it inside and he has.. So far so good.. :)
Thinking maybe he will be able to fly away like Mary Poppins?
That would be almost as good as the flying saucer kid from Colorado...
I think it has to be said...
even though it oh so obvious,
Liams favorite place ever is outdoors..
Move some furniture -
you are outside so its okay!
Run quick little boy - its almost time to go inside..
A little painting.. Mommy lets you paint anything you want outside..
except the cars.
Does that concern you?
Dont let it.
I doubt he (or the other kids)
are painting anything of yours.
And if they are I am sure it will
look better than ever when they are done!