Monday, December 7, 2009

more kitty pics..

I think
it is safe to say

this kitten undoubtedly
belongs to

Liam Jax...

Grammy Dolly Naps

It was a

cold day

so Grammy Dolly

and I fell asleep

for a long winters nap!

Cat rides..

Liam has decided his favorite thing in the world
is to sit in his pram with the kitten
& be pushed around the house..

Kids &Kittens

Lala & Cookie??
Yet another attempt at a Christmas Card pic... :)
All smiles for the camera..

Kitty in the wagon.. getting pushed as fast as he can go..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week!

A week of football, food & family!

A New Kitty -
brought to us by our friend Larry,
who used to live across the street from us!

Playing with the big boys!

Liam & Dalton - keeping the ball in our yard!

Nice catch!

Who to throw to next?

Our little quarterback...

Always has a ball of some kind!
Family Photo-op
New Kitty, unnamed at this time..

Thanksgiving, Us, Nana, & Grammy Dolly

4 Generations of Girls! (& Liam)

Mama & Lala

Sweet Baby in his Thanksgiving Outfit (by Mommy)

Dalton on Grandpas Harley

Logan.. wishful thinking on the Harley!!

My Baby is too little to ride... :)

After leftovers, Mama & Dalton

Logan & Mama
Grammy Dolly & Grandpa!

Jenny & Grammy Dolly
Wow! Height skipped a few generations. lol

Love. true hold you by the neck love..
Sweet Boy & Kitty..

He had enough of fine art & outdoors..

The McNay Art Institute

Running for a hug!
Yeah! Got it!

Sweet Baby by the tree -
take a pic while you can
he doesn't hold still for long!
Pretty Girl!
In the midst of all boys!

Why was the security guard looking
out the window? Did he think Logan
was going to pick
this up and take it home?
Cute Boy!
I had my wedding portrait done in this exact spot!

Standing tall in the rocks!
Wow - they all got tall this year!
The calm b4 the storm...
The Lasaters have arrived... lol
New Kitty.
Liam is a fan of all animals -
he wakes up in the morning asking
about dogs and cats!