Saturday, September 26, 2009

Step away from Alex & Lea...

So I think I have a bit of a confession to make... I love cookies..

I also love Alex & Lea from Signing Times.

I would like to watch it 100 times a day.

It's the only show I have ever seen.

I know I only started watching it on Wednesday

but it is all I can think about.
Mommy & Daddy say its the only thing any

of us can ever think about now.

You should be thanking me, now everyone at

our house is learning sign language!

In order to pry me away from the

T freakin V (thats what Mommy calls it)

We took a little trip over to the zoo today!

It was great! I played with the goats.

They have brushes you can use on the goats!!

You should know I LOVE BRUSHES!

Goats are great! But you should know they have horns.

They like food!

And they like to be petted - just like kittys and dogs.

The zoo is pretty fun!

Hello again world!

So this is me.. almost 17 months old.
I have been waiting & watching at the window all week for the rain to stop.
I love to sit on the swing in the front yard.
I like to play in the water.
Its a lot of fun outside!
I super love our goldfish in the pond.
I like to feed them rocks and mulch.
I also love to dig & hit things with my shovel.
Ants are cool - they just crawl around. There are lots!
The wind makes me feel happy!
There are so many things to do outside.
You can make a million messes & its okay!
Sometimes you have to come back inside for a cookie.
I love cookies! and donuts! and orange crackers!
This is the picture I took of myself for the Myspace
I am thinking about getting.
It reminds me of the self-portraits my Lala takes.
I am a very happy boy!
I am also a very busy boy - sometimes I need a nap.
I can fall asleep anywhere!