Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If you love something set it free..

Do you see what I see?
After many months of discussion,
Sunday we decided to free our red-eared slider turtles

from their boxed in clear tank

into their amazing & beautiful natural habitat.

They took a few minutes to take in the
vastness & stretch their necks to grab at some
tiny fish.. and they were gone without a seconds hesitation...
Dalton, Lala, & Liam enjoyed exploring this old "cave".

It was hard work keeping Liam out of the water
& the holes, mud, well, pretty much so everything..

The bridge where Speedy & old whathisname now live under..


Dalton (new haircut) & Logan
setting their turtles free..
Ahem.. isn't it illegal to dump animals...
Thats okay... the black n whites didn't stop for these
"Bad boyz"...

Snow day... I think not..

Yes, Mommy will share her pink hat with you..
The sliver of "snow" from February..

Oh wow - snow... whatever will we do with all of it?

ah yes... more snow.. lol

What does Liam do when its freezing cold
& "fake snow" is falling from the sky?
He settles in for a long winters nap..

Now your baking..

Every morning when we get back from taking the big kids to school
Liam grabs Mommys red chair & pushes it to the counter.
He grabs Mommys very favorite custom made blue bowl
(from her sweet & amazingly talented friend at Hands & Fire Pottery)
and (un)patiently awaits for ingredients.
Pancakes, brownies, eggs.. who cares!
Lets make something!!
Someday he is going to be a great cook! :)

Say Snack!

Liam likes to put "Baby" in front of all names..
This is "baby" and "Baby Lala"
He loves to smile for the camera

we say "say cheese" and he says "snack"
because he considers cheese to be the
only thing worthy of
being called a snack...

can't help but to borrow anyones
glasses that may be left around..


Liam & Cats

the kid is so quick he's a blur...
cat love..

have a seat on some cats..

cat attack