Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Okay, so not only did I go to the zoo today but I also met Santa. He spent about 15 minutes hanging out with me, mommy, and the boys. He had magic in his hand - he made a santa spin & turned it into a snowman. He also had bells he said he borrowed from Rudolph. Santa let me pull his beard & he held me for a long time. It was a nice chat with the big guy. I found him to be pretty interesting. He doesn't seem to think I will like him very much next year but I am thinking I will.

My first trip to the Zoo

The title says it all faithful readers.. My first trip to the zoo.. It smelled, it was humid, and everyone tried to get me to look at funny creatures. All I can say is "Hey, don't we have a zoo back at the house?".. Just kidding, I did enjoy the fishies. I LOVE fishies and turtles.. But.. as I just mentioned, don't we have those at the house??

The Court Jester

This is our favorite hat & sweater set - I even have a specially made pair of wool pants that match - mommy had a lady in Canada make them for me. I know someday I may look back and think - WHAT DID YOU MAKE ME WEAR - but in the meantime I have found this hat is a great way to get a lot of attention from every person in the universe.. and I sure do like when people stop to smile at me!!

Four legged Vacuum

Meet Cody - our four legged vacuum.. Mommy says no need for a vacuum - we have a Cody!

I eat - then he cleans up!

Bed Hog.

My shirt says everything you need to know. Mommy made it for me. BED HOG. I may be little but I take up alll the room I need in that king size bed!

First things first..

Mommy says too many people are complaining that I never ever do updates anymore. Well... thats cuz I am super busy being a little boy.. I roll everywhere, I eat most anything (chicken, rice, all fruits, most veggies, pasta, bread, cinnamon pretzels) - you get the idea - I like food... I also have 2 very sharp little teeth OUCH!, I make lots of funny noises, Daddy cut off my curl (mommy called it my side ponytail - and yes - she saved it).. HHmmm.. what else have I been up to? Just growing I guess!

Saturday, November 1, 2008