Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There's an angel in the house...

Just a little pic of a sleeping angel.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I am a Rockstar!!

Yes, its late. so what? I am still awake cuz I am 2 excited to sleep!! GUESS WHAT - I MET Micky & the Motorcars. Don't be a hater!! Enjoy the pics - I know I am!

Also, enjoy the LIVE video of them performing their NEW album that comes out TOMORROW - you know the one that Daddy bought me 2-NITE!!! JEALOUS???
I am also SOOOO cool that Micky signed MY ROCKSTAR blanket! YES!! An autographed blankie. I must be a baby rockstar!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay, today is my 12 week old birthday! So just in case you forgot to get me a gift, you should know that it's okay you forgot, but next time there will be consequences.... no really, it's fine...

I think we should touch on the subject of nicknames this evening. Everyone here seems to have one. Logan may not really have one right now but when he was little mommy called him Dollface or Boo (due to the fact that Peek-a-boo was his favorite game). Surely that would be a great name for someone as cute as me? Dalton was and still is Dalti for the most part. Ashton was once Baby but Mommy decided that would never work due to Jennifer Grey's portrayal of "Baby" from Dirty Dancing and all.. So Ashton is now and has always been known as LaLa. Simply because she used to drive the family crazy singing lalalalalalalalala all the time. And it was her favorite Teletubbie. What is a Teletubbie anyways??

So.. back to me. and my nickname, or my lack thereof.. Ashton thinks fartagus is funny and she also like Chubba Bubba. Logan likes Buddy but that reminds Mommy of Buddy from the movie Elf... & Dalton does not really have a nickname for me, he just sticks to Liam - which is good considering its my name and all... Mommy calls me cute baby, chunk, poopie doopie, and sometimes baby poopie pants, oh and lets not forget her favorite - tink - its basically stink without the s..... Does anyone see where this is going? My nickname should certainly not be based on my size nor my bodily functions.. Even though that is mostly what I am about!! I should point out my name backward is Mail - so maybe that would be the right one? Nah - I am thinking something fun and original.

So if you have any ideas feel free to comment!! But only if its not based on my gas!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shots hurt & I am growing like a weed...

Today was great! The 4 of us kids went to see Dr. Frank & Logan & Ashton both had to get 2 shots each - the super duper news is I didn't get any!! Logan is 5'4", Ashton is 5', and Dalton is 4'6". I shouldn't probably give out my weight just cuz mommy says its impolite to ask and she NEVER tells hers but guess what - (drumroll please)... I weigh 14pounds and 9 ounces!!! Do you know what that means people? That means I almost weigh 15 pounds!! 5 more and I get the new carseat!! I can't wait! But I think everyone is kind of sad, or maybe its just that their backs hurt from lugging me around all of the time? So the point is I am growing.. Way to go Mommy! That milk on tap really works!

Well, more to come soon, looks like a storm is coming, I think its called Dolly, would make more sense if we called it Logan or Dalton, but thats just my opinion...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Brother Logan, the Wakeboarder....

Just thought you might like to enjoy this video of my big brother Logan on his 13th birthday. And he wanted me to mention that YES, the faceplant hurt!!

Where is my LaLa???

Things are strange here. I fell asleep at the pool yesterday & when I woke up my sister was missing. She did not come back for dinner or even for a walk at the mall. Something MUST be wrong! Mommy said she went to a sleepover but I still think its fishy. I am pretty sure I do not like sleepovers if that means she won't be home to squeeze my cheeks and make me smile.
All I know is she better be back soon - I miss my LaLa!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

July Birthday Weekend

Well the birthdays kept me busy all weekend. I thought it would never end. Friday we had orange pancakes for breakfast, then went bowling, then Chuck E Cheese - hey was that for Daddy or Dalton? After that a trip to the toy store. FUN! Mommy took us to the Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam Friday night. I definitely want a mohawk when my hair grows back!

Saturday morning we took Logan to the lake so he could wakeboard for his b-day. We also took him to a yummy burger place on the lake! I can't wait until I am big enough to actually eat those fries.. Saturday night the big kids swam in the lake & I rested in the boat.

I wish I could telll you more but I am exhausted!! You would think I could just hang out at home today but there is talk of swimming. Well, maybe I can sleep beside the pool..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good morning - today seems to be a busy day. Something about birthdays and even though I am 11 weeks old today I do not think they are talking about mine... It seems Dalton will be 8 tomorrow and Daddy is turning 35! There is a rumor that Logan will be 13 I heard teens get lots of attention due to their bad attitudes and wild ways. Good thing Logan isn't like that - I would not want to share my spotlight...

Looks like Logan got a shiny new upgraded iPod and I am thinking for sure that old one is MINE MINE MINE!! I can't wait to download ALL MOMMY"S FAVORITE MUSIC onto it - because, afterall, that is what I like!! Seriously people, I just want Micky and the Motorcars on it. I already went their concert when I was 3 weeks old and I overheard Daddy & Mommy last night - there is talk of a CD RELEASE PARTY - say it isn't so!! I must be the luckiest baby alive! Mommy may have her "TimPod" but I will have my McPod!!

Thats all for now my faithful followers but more to come soon! I know you can't wait!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good morning. Well, afternoon actually, but I lose track of time since sleep for most of the day. It was a late night for me. Last night was my big "meet the baby party". It was fun! You should see these huge Hersheys Bars that have my name on them but I am not allowed to eat.. Thats does not seem quite fair. You put my name on some candy but I can't eat it? My brothers & sister did a good job going though MY gifts & picking out their favorite things! (Hey guys, I have my eye on you - thats my stuff)!! I actually slept for the most part but I did peek at a few people and woke up when it was time for mommy to eat! I like doing that, she's pretty good at eating with one hand!

Luckily my "Aunt" Sherri was there (or Sue-Sue - which she does not prefer) and she gave me a bottle! Hooray, someone other than Daddy, Ashton, and OF COURSE Mommy can feed me. I am not about to take that silly bottle from Mommy though.. Ha - she should know better than that..

So lots of nice people showed up for this - so many from our family that I got to meet and some that I had already met! My Grandma Linda had so much fun showing me off to all of her friends from Church too! Some people from Daddy's work were there too, I do not think that I like them very much. They are Daddy stealers! Thats not fair that they get to spend more time with him than I do! Mommy says that its Daddy's job to leave everyday and her job to change my diapers. Seems like a pretty fair trade to me. My friend Jackson was there too. He calls me Baby Leavum.

A big THANK YOU and a nice wet smoochy kiss to everyone that came!

Another BIG thing that happened yesterday was that I rolled right over. Everyone is so proud of me but now - watch out - I am mobile!! The cool thing is that I can also scoot while laying on my back with my legs & hopefully that is going to help me get closer to reaching my brothers' goal of me playing football for the Longhorns!!

Well, have to go for now, its time to eat & I am thinking its going to be some cupcakes from my party! YUM!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 2008

This is the first official blog for Liam! He is 10 weeks old today & I have finally decided to join the century, get out of the "baby book" rut & put this online so everyone that wants to can share in his updates & latest endeavors!! We look forward to your input & sharing his progress with all of our friends and family! The best part is that in the end, this sweet fourth child of ours can never ever look back and say - WOW! - you never really took any pics of me or kept a datebook of what happened in my life! His should be more complete than any of our other kids!!