Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet my friend Hallie...

For those of you that do not know Hallie is the great-niece of my "Uncle" Fisher & the granddaughter of Steven & Sherry's. I am one week older than her. Mommy says that means we win!! :) Obviously I am the one with the so called "flintstone feet"...

ANOTHER Concert!!

Saturday night I got to catch up with my Uncle Fisher, Kenda, Sherry & Steven at the New Braunfels fairgrounds. It was soo crowded but very noisy & lots of fun! Mommy said I had already met Stoney LaRue but I don't remember because I was still cookin' at the time! I am just thinking, Mommy & Daddy let us kids stay out pretty late with them!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Football Anyone??

SO there is this game called football. Have you heard about it? My brother Logan plays it every day of the week. Its weird. Somedays the Dad guy comes home early & picks us up then we go to school (again - by the way, how many times a day do we need to go to this school place - once in the morning for Dalton, once in the morning for Ashton & Logan, then again in the afternoon for Dalton, again for Ashton, and then AGAIN for Logan later on. And most days we have to go to one or the other a third time to do this strange thing called volunteering). As Ashton would say - OMG!

But anyways, I digress... Back to the football thingie. I sit in the sun at Logans school and watch people run back and forth on a field. Mommy yells, so does Daddy, well, actually everyone yells. Mommy says they are not yelling at me. Not only do we do this football thing for Logan apparently we go on some Friday nights too - for this thing called High School. Geez.. will this school thing ever stop? Oh, did I mention that both my brothers go outside after dinner and play it some more? They even watch it on TV. (At night AND in the mornings they watch replays). Something tells me I too will be a part of this phenomenon...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Note from Mommy

I just realized its been ages since I have done anything on this blog.. Well, a quick update from me. Liam is great. He is spitting, making lots of noises & sounds (LOUD!), he cries if he is startled, such as a suddden sneeze or a pan dropping on the floor. He had 5 more shots at his Sept. 8th Dr. appt. He weighed 17lbs. 12oz and was 26 3/4" long at that 4 month visit.

Liam is eating applesauce but no baby cereal. After realizing he did not like it I did some research and found rice cereal has little to no nutritional benefits. It is just what we teach our babies to eat with.. (but not Liam).... He has grabby hands and is interested in just about everything.

He is such fun and is so happy all of the time. A true reason to wake up each day (and many times during the night)!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Words...

I just said "Mama" - TWICE - ask Lala or ask Mama - I DID IT!!!!