Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Zoo Trip

Nothing beats a nice sunny Saturday morning in January. We are so tired of winter already. lol.. It was in the 70's yesterday so we took a quick trip to the zoo.
Liam was obviously quite interested in the goats.
He also liked the fishies (as always) and the "Cats".
The SA Zoo has the most beautiful Black Leopards.
They are incredible.
He also liked "Big Cat - the regular Jaguar that was staring him down -
Liam kept signing "Hungry" and I was thinking
Yes, Liam he is hungry.. for a cute little boy like you.. :).

He also thought the bears were pretty cool -
they were wet & he liked the idea
that they had taken a bath.
Since he loathes them we are willing to try
any idea possible to get him in the tub!

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